11 Lawmakers have so far been impeached by The Election Tribunal..

    Election petition tribunals in various states have made significant decisions, resulting in the removal of no fewer than four senators and seven members of the House of Representatives from their positions. These legal proceedings have sent shockwaves through the political landscape, and the repercussions may not end here.

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    In the days ahead, we can anticipate more verdicts from these tribunals, potentially leading to additional upheavals in the political sphere. Unless these lawmakers can successfully appeal these decisions in the Court of Appeal, they risk losing their seats and the influence they wield within the government.

    The recent developments underscore the importance of a fair and just electoral system, as well as the need for politicians to diligently adhere to election laws and regulations. As the legal battles continue, it remains to be seen how these cases will shape the composition of the legislative bodies and the political climate in the states affected.

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