Africa is a continent of unmatched diversity and spectacular beauty, spanning from the coasts of the Mediterranean to vast savannas and towering mountain ranges. Africa offers a wide range of experiences just waiting to be discovered and treasured. The continent is made up of 54 different nations, each with its own distinctive customs, scenery, and animals.

    Things To Do in Africa
    things to do in africa

    From relaxing on Mauritius’ beaches and marveling at scenic wonders such as the Victoria Falls and Okavango Delta to spending a romantic honeymoon in a luxurious resort in the Seychelles, hiking up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, and taking a self-drive trip along the scenic Garden Route, Africa’s delights are plentiful and diverse! The wines of Stellenbosch, near Cape Town, are as well-known across the world as gorilla trekking in Uganda and elephant sightings in Chobe National Park.

    If you’re wondering when the best time is to plan your African vacation and how to do it, our travel specialists are here to help. To begin, our Enchanting Travels professionals have prepared a list of the top 10 things to do in Africa: safaris, animal encounters in its national parks, and self-drive activities that you just must miss. With these inputs, you can plan the best African safari excursions that are suited to your preferences.

    1. Witness the Great Migration

    When comparing the top safaris in Africa, the enormity of the Great Migration is like a trump card. The Great Migration of wildebeest from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara is an amazing event and every African safari enthusiast’s dream: it ranks #1 on our list of African experiences. More over a million wildebeest, zebras, and antelopes cross the Tanzania-Kenya border each year.

    These mammals travel a perilous path in quest of greener pastures, dodging sly big cats and crocodiles hiding in peaceful waterways. The Great Migration is a compelling show that perfectly portrays the natural cycle of life and death.

    2. Discover the Spice Islands: Zanzibar

    Zanzibar’s history as a spice trade port is as colorful as it is old! Stroll through Stone Town’s twisting alleyways, smell the enticing aroma of exotic spices, and learn about Zanzibar’s rich tradition and culture before heading out for beautiful sundowners on exquisite beaches.

    3. Explore the Legendary Sossusvlei

    Let your African experiences lead you to Sossusvlei in Namibia, which is famous for its somber, bleak landscapes. Set out early in the morning to witness the amazing dance of colors as the sun rises, in a clay sink surrounded by sand dunes that may reach up to 300 meters in height.

    4. Enjoy the Island of Mozambique

    Mozambique is one of Africa’s most gorgeous places, with its endless, dreamy beaches, tree-lined landscapes, and majestic colonial structures.

    Insider tip: Visit Mozambique now, before the rest of the world discovers this pristine gem.

    5. Go Gorilla Trekking

    African adventures don’t get any better than this! The lush woods of Uganda and Rwanda provide the finest possibilities in the world to see wild mountain gorillas! More over half of the world’s gorilla population lives in the volcanic highlands that separate the two nations.

    6. Visit Glittering Lake, Malawi

    Lake Malawi is the third biggest lake in Africa and the ninth largest in the world, stretching over Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique – nearly the size of Belgium! Africa’s aquarium, a popular site for divers and snorkelers, is home to over 1000 different types of fish.

    Allow your African excursions to take you to small fishing towns as well as pristine paradise beaches on the lake’s borders.

    7. Tour Kruger National Park and go on a Big Five safari.

    Without a visit to this jewel in the crown of South Africa’s wildlife hotspots, your African experiences are incomplete. With amazing prospects to see the Big Five in a single day, it’s no surprise that Kruger National Park is one of the world’s most famous safari locations! Check off a bucket list item by seeing lions, rhinoceroses, elephants, leopards, and Cape Buffaloes in this world-renowned National Park!

    When in South Africa, don’t miss a wine tasting trip in Stellenbosch or a trek up Table Mountain in Cape Town. Other prominent Cape Town sites include the Cape of Good Hope and Robben Island.

    8. the Lesotho

    The Kingdom of Heaven, maybe Africa’s most lovely place, is best discovered on the back of the region’s legendary Basotho ponies.

    9. The breathtaking Victoria Falls

    The magnificent Victoria Falls, which straddle the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia, is one of the world’s greatest natural marvels. Gain a birds-eye view of these thunderous falls, which are about two kilometers wide and 100 meters high, with an exhilarating helicopter trip – goosebumps are sure!

    10. Relax and reflect on paradise beaches and at luxury resorts.

    Mauritius and Seychelles provide postcard-perfect scenery and white sand beaches. Choose from our hand-picked list of the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’s’ most gorgeous and luxury resorts. Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and discover your own personal slice of heaven!

    On your customized and tailor-made African travels, discover these top 10 things to do in Africa and many more. Our travel advisors are glad to construct your perfect African holiday to meet your interests, based on our destination expertise, enthusiasm for travel, and desire to organize the right trip for you. Contact us now for your unique, no-obligation itinerary.

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