Timipre Sylva has been disqualified from the Bayelsa Governorship Election by the Federal High Court..

    In a recent development, the Federal High Court in Abuja has rendered Chief Timipre Sylva of the APC ineligible to participate in the gubernatorial election slated for November 11 in Bayelsa state. The lawsuit, filed with the reference FHC/ABJ/CS/821/2023 on June 13, 2023, was initiated by Deme Kolomo, a member of the APC.

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    Justice Donatus Okorowo, presiding over the case, delivered the verdict, emphasizing that Chief Timipre Sylva, having previously served two terms and ruled for a cumulative period of five years as the governor of the state, would violate the provisions of the 1999 constitution if permitted to contest again.

    The judge further elucidated that Chief Sylva’s candidacy for the upcoming election was deemed disallowed, as his potential victory and subsequent swearing-in would exceed the constitutional limit of eight years in office as governor. Referring to the precedent set in the case of Marwa vs Nyako at the Supreme Court, Justice Okorowo pointed out that the constitution explicitly stipulates that no individual should be elected as governor more than two times.

    Highlighting the unanimous agreement among the involved parties that Chief Sylva had been elected into office twice, Justice Okorowo drew attention to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Marwa vs Nyako case, emphasizing that the constitution’s provisions should not be expanded or altered. Allowing Chief Sylva to contest the upcoming election, in the judge’s view, could potentially set a precedent where individuals could compete for the governorship as many times as they wished, contrary to the constitution’s established principles.

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