The term “Dubai Porta Potty” has been making waves on the internet, sparking curiosity, disgust, and even fascination. This controversial trend involves wealthy individuals from Dubai paying social media influencers to defecate on them during private parties. While the exact nature of the phenomenon remains shrouded in mystery, it has generated a significant buzz, leaving many wondering about its origins, motivations, and implications.

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    Dubai has long been known for attracting sex workers and trafficking women into the sex trade, earning a reputation as an international hub for sex tourism. It’s worth noting that sex work is officially illegal throughout all states in the United Arab Emirates. In a 2016 article, Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) detailed the practical implications of this situation. For context, Bahrain, located near the UAE, is one of the most populous countries in the Arabian Gulf.

    What is Dubai Porta Potty?

    Dubai Porta Potty is a business involving individuals enduring humiliation, considered by some wealthy individuals as a fetish for which they are compensated. The term “potty” from “porta potty” implies a human toilet, with the dictionary definition describing it as “a slave who eats both feces and urine.”

    These individuals, known as Dubai porta potties, experience severe degradation at the hands of affluent men, predominantly in the Middle East, in exchange for substantial financial rewards. These women are often treated in a manner akin to the use and treatment of a typical portable toilet. Wealthy individuals reportedly pay Instagram models to engage in degrading activities, including being defecated on in the mouth and consuming feces.

    Origins of the Dubai Porta Potty Trend

    The exact origins of the Dubai Porta Potty trend are unclear, but it is believed to have emerged from the underground fetish scene. The concept of scat-play, which involves sexual gratification derived from defecation or urination, has long existed in fringe subcultures. In recent years, it has gained more visibility through online pornography and social media.

    The Role of Social Media

    Social media has played a crucial role in the spread of the Dubai Porta Potty trend. Videos and images of influencers engaging in this practice have circulated widely on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, often accompanied by sensationalized headlines and outlandish claims. This has fueled curiosity and debate, further propelling the trend into the public consciousness.

    Motivations Behind the Trend

     Dubai Porta Potty

    The motivations behind the Dubai Porta Potty trend are complex and multifaceted. For some individuals, it may be a form of sexual gratification or a way to explore taboo desires. Others may be drawn to the shock value and attention-grabbing nature of the act. The financial incentives offered to influencers are also a significant factor, with some reports suggesting payments of up to $20,000 per incident.

    Implications of the Trend

    The following is stated in the ADHRB report:

    dubai porta 3

    Women are coerced into prostitution through two primary methods. Those directly trafficked into the trade are enticed to the UAE with promises of employment as secretaries, masseuses, or domestic workers. Fellow nationals are frequently involved in trafficking as they may seem trustworthy, sharing positive narratives about life in the UAE before ensnaring women into prostitution rings. Additionally, some women, particularly domestic workers, end up trafficked after escaping abusive employers.

    The Dubai Porta Potty trend raises several concerns, including:

    • Exploitation of Influencers: The trend raises concerns about the exploitation of influencers, who may be pressured or coerced into participating in activities they find degrading or harmful.
    • Normalization of Taboo Behaviors: The public exposure of this practice could lead to the normalization of taboo behaviors, potentially normalizing and trivializing harmful sexual practices.
    • Distortion of Social Values: The trend’s emphasis on wealth, status, and extreme gratification could contribute to a distorted perception of social values, promoting materialism and superficiality.

    Ethical Considerations


    The ethical implications of the Dubai Porta Potty trend are significant. The practice involves the exchange of money for bodily functions, potentially reducing individuals to commodities and blurring the lines between consent and exploitation. The trend also raises questions about privacy, consent, and the boundaries of personal expression.

    How much did Dubai Porta Potty get paid?

    She mentions that she will receive $25,000 two weeks before her departure and the remaining $25,000 upon completion of the job. Additionally, there are explicit content clips available online depicting women allegedly participating in activities associated with a “Dubai porta potty.”

    How did Dubai Porta Potty Work’s?

    The way it operates is that you receive half of the payment in advance and the remaining amount upon completion of the procedure.

    You will not be able to get the balance back if you give up out of disdain.
    They force minors to sleep with these girls and force you to sleep with dogs, cats, and donkeys.

    What transpired in Dubai this time around did not remain in Dubai.


    The Dubai Porta Potty trend is a complex and controversial phenomenon that highlights the intersection of social media, sexual behavior, and power dynamics. While it is important to approach this topic with sensitivity and avoid sensationalism, it is equally crucial to engage in open discussions about the ethical considerations and potential consequences of such practices. Understanding the motivations and implications of this trend is essential for fostering informed discussions about individual autonomy, social norms, and the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

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