Over withheld results, a graduate reportedly stabs himself with broken bottles

    Precious Ogbeide, an Ambrose Ali University alumnus from the class of 2018, allegedly tried to take his own life after the institution allegedly withheld his test results because he had graduated from there.

    Precious allegedly committed suicide on September 25, 2023, by stabbing himself with glass fragments after experiencing depression as a result of the withheld results.

    According to a PUNCH article, other frustrated university students have also lamented their inability to receive their degree results despite spending five years at the institution.

    The organization purportedly promised the dissatisfied students that the results backlog would be cleared and that those students who had not yet been mobilized for the National Youth Service Corps program would be dealt with.

    However, a source with knowledge of the situation said to the publication that Ogbeide became angry and chose to commit himself as a result.

    On Monday, at around 3:30 pm, I got a phone informing me that Ogbeinde had been taken to the hospital immediately. I was informed that he had been exhibiting symptoms of depression and that they had made every effort to assist, the insider claimed.

    “The mother told me that he suddenly got up with a bottle in hand and slammed it to the ground. They said that I had slipped. But he began to pierce his neck and body with the broken bottle’s pieces.

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    Before being taken to the hospital where he is presently being treated, he was overwhelmed by the efforts of his relative who was there at the time of the occurrence.

    He claimed to be above everything. He claimed that after attending school for five years without receiving any results, he had lost the ability to face his parents and other family members.

    He struggled to find employment since employers insisted on seeing his certificate. He claimed that every time he encountered someone who could assist him in finding employment, they advised him to wait for the outcome. He was simply frustrated that his future was on wait and felt tired of the whole situation, the person continued.

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    In the meantime, the school informed the publication—via Mike Aladenika, Head of Corporate Communications and Protocol—that the students whose certificates and results were affected may have experienced difficulties with particular courses while enrolled in the institution.

    “You wouldn’t have problems with your results if you had graduated and completed everything you were required to do while you were a student,” Aladenike said.

    The ones dealing with these difficulties are some of the students who failed to recognize their academic shortcomings.

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