Nigerian content producers are excited about Twitter’s ad revenue sharing.

    Similar to their American counterparts, who began receiving payments from X, previously Twitter, in early July, Nigerian content creators stated on Tuesday that they had received payment from the same source. This morning, Abazz tweeted, “Woke up to receive an alert, Thank you, Elon,” along with a screenshot of his ad income dashboard with the amount of N220,345.65 that was paid to him.

    Big Ayo, another verified user, wished Elon Musk well and posted the news along with proof of payment of N430,960.74.Well, Elon Musk, good morning,” he wrote.

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    The number of people joining up for revenue sharing has beyond our estimates, according to X as of August 4. Payments will take place during the week of July 31st, as we previously stated. We hope to pay all qualified accounts as quickly as possible, but we need a little more time to review everything for the upcoming distribution,” X added.The revenue-sharing concept is in use all around the world. The social networking platform claims that over 100 countries are currently supported by its payment processor, including Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, and other African nations. “This is part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on X,” declares X, the business that Elon Musk purchased in a $44 billion deal last year. “A real game.”


    According to X, to be considered eligible for creator ads revenue sharing, you must:

    Be subscribed to Blue or Verified Organisations.

    Have at least 15M organic impressions on your cumulative posts within the last 3 months.

    Have at least 500 followers.

    According to a previous piece by BusinessDay, X is attempting to entice more content makers to the platform. In addition, the business permitted users to charge for access to their material on the site early this year.

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