In Maiduguri, Zulum orders the destruction of brothels and criminal hiding places

    On Tuesday, October 17, Borno State Governor Babagana Umara Zulum issued an order for the 72-hour demolition of criminal dens and illegal brothels that were well-known for prostitution, gangsterism, and other illegal activities in and around the Maiduguri capital.

    He issued the order during a visit to one of these areas, “Bayan Quarters,” a hamlet in the city that is centered around railway staff quarters, even though it was unclear which agencies—the Borno Geographic Information Service or the Borno Urban Development Agency—would be responsible for carrying out the demolition.

    Gangsters, criminal activity, and the use of minors for commercial sex are all present in the neighborhood.

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    The governor voiced concerns about the surge in criminal activity, including as drug sales, prostitution, and other unlawful operations, connected to these illegal brothels and criminal dens.

    In Maiduguri
    gov zulum

    He pointed out that these actions not only jeopardize state security but also support social vices that are detrimental to community well-being and human dignity.

    According to Zulum, the illegal brothels have 12 hours to go, but the settlement that houses criminals and young girls for commercial sex acts would be destroyed in 72 hours.

    “The actions taking place here have been formally reported to the government; this settlement is entirely unlawful. This is a place where people are slain and where militants breed. Consequently, I’ve given the order for everyone to leave the area,” Zulum stated.

    Zulum further declared the cancellation of the land title, which he claimed the Nigerian Railway Corporation had originally authorized for use, on which such illicit actions were carried out.

    “I am aware that the Nigerian Railway Corporation was granted permission by the Borno State Government to use this land, but regrettably, it has been rented out unlawfully and is the scene of various criminal activities,” Zulum stated.

    He declared, “The land now belongs to the Borno State Government and the government has revoked the earlier approval because of this.”

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