Alex Eubank, a renowned fitness enthusiast, YouTuber, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, has become widely recognized for his sculpted physique and impactful workout routines. With a substantial following on Instagram and other social media platforms, Eubank has successfully carved a niche for himself in the fitness and wellness community. But how much do we really know about Alex Eubank, and what is his age? Let’s delve into the details to gain a better understanding of this fitness sensation.

    Alex Eubank

    Alex Eubank, widely recognized as The Greek God, stands as one of America’s prominent fitness influencers. Embarking on his fitness journey at a young age, he has dedicated seven years to sculpting his physique through rigorous workouts. Beyond his commitment to personal fitness, Eubank actively endorses various brands, including CELSIUS Energy, Fusion Nutra, and ALPHA LION, establishing himself as a sought-after influencer in the fitness and wellness industry.

    Profile summary

    Full nameTimothy Alexander Eubank
    Gender Male
    Date of birth23 May 2000
    Age 23 years old (as of 2023)
    Zodiac sign Gemini
    Place of birth Baltimore, Maryland, United States
    Current residenceEllicott City, MD, US Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Religion Christianity
    Sexuality Straight
    Height in inches5’9″
    Height in centimetres179
    Weight in pounds174
    Weight in kilograms79
    Body measurements in inches44-30-38
    Body measurements in centimetres112-76-97
    Shoe size 12 (US)
    Hair colour Blond
    Eye colourGreen
    Relationship statusSingle
    Profession Fitness enthusiast, YouTuber, social media star, entrepreneur
    Alex Eubank’s Profile summary

    What is Alex Eubank’s age?

    1009 714 10086

    As of 2023, Alex Eubank, the American YouTuber, is 23 years old, having been born on May 23, 2000, under the zodiac sign of Gemini.

    Where is Alex Eubank from?

    Alex Eubank, the social media star, was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. He belongs to the white ethnicity and is a dedicated Christian. His real name is Timothy Alexander Eubank, and he is the only child of parents Patti and Bob Eubank.When he was a little boy, his parents divorced.

    What does Alex Eubank do for a living?

    Alex Eubank, recognized as a fitness enthusiast, YouTuber, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, embarked on his fitness journey at the age of 16 and has since built a thriving online career. In addition to documenting his fitness experiences, he actively educates his followers on health and fitness. On his YouTube channel, where he boasts over 1.22 million subscribers and has shared more than 900 videos, fans can find a wealth of workout and lifestyle content. Alex Eubank also hosts a podcast titled “The Lions Den.”

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    Alex Eubank, renowned as The Greek God, commands a significant online presence with 2.8 million followers on Instagram. Despite facing accusations of photoshopping his pictures, he openly acknowledged modifying his photos without altering the actual appearance of his physique. As a brand influencer, he has collaborated with renowned brands such as YoungLA clothing and Elucidblends. On TikTok, his account boasts over 2.7 million followers and has accumulated 100 million likes.

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    Beyond his social media ventures, Alex is an entrepreneur with a website offering workout programs. Additionally, he is the owner of Elysium Athletic, a clothing brand.

    Who is Alex Eubank’s girlfriend?


    Currently, Alex Eubank appears to be single. In his recent relationship history, he was romantically involved with Abigail White from 2022 to mid-2023, with the details of their separation undisclosed. Prior to this, he was in a relationship with Hailey Bakos before the two eventually parted ways.

    What is Alex Eubank’s height and weight?

    Alex Eubank stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (179 centimeters) and weighs around 174 pounds (79 kilograms).

    Why was Alex Eubank hospitalised?

    During an attempt to undergo a 48-hour fasting detox, the fitness sensation, Alex Eubank, faced a panic attack that necessitated a trip to the hospital.

    Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Alex Eubank:

    1. How old is Alex Eubank?
    • Alex Eubank was born on May 23, 2000, making him 23 years old as of 2023.
    1. What is Alex Eubank’s real name?
    • Alex Eubank’s real name is Timothy Alexander Eubank.
    1. When did Alex Eubank start working out?
    • Alex Eubank started going to the gym at the age of 16 and has been working out for seven years.
    1. What is the name of Alex Eubank’s YouTube channel?
    • Alex Eubank’s YouTube channel is simply named “Alex Eubank,” where he shares workout and lifestyle videos.
    1. What is Alex Eubank’s YouTube subscriber count?
    • Alex Eubank has over 1.22 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he has posted over 900 videos.
    1. Does Alex Eubank have a podcast?
    • Yes, Alex Eubank has a podcast called “The Lions Den.”
    1. How many followers does Alex Eubank have on Instagram?
    • Alex Eubank has 2.8 million followers on Instagram.
    1. Is Alex Eubank an entrepreneur?
    • Yes, Alex Eubank is an entrepreneur. He owns Elysium Athletic, a clothing brand, and offers workout programs on his website.
    1. Was Alex Eubank in a relationship?
    • Alex Eubank was previously in a relationship with Abigail White, dating from 2022 to mid-2023.
    1. Why did Abigail White and Alex Eubank split up?
    • The reason for Alex Eubank’s split with Abigail White was not disclosed.
    1. How tall is Alex Eubank?
      • Alex Eubank is 5 feet 9 inches (179 centimeters) tall.
    2. What happened during Alex Eubank’s 48-hour fasting attempt?
      • During a 48-hour fasting detox, Alex Eubank experienced a panic attack, leading to a visit to the hospital.

    These FAQs provide a glimpse into various aspects of Alex Eubank’s life and career.

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