Sir Isaac Newton’s equations of gravity provide the basis for life on planet Earth.

    law of gravity by Newton

    A waterfall doesn’t fall, a car can travel uphill without its engine, and a massive boulder may rest on top of a rock at an odd angle without falling. These gravitational anomalies occur in areas where the rule cannot be applied.

    We adore enigmatic locations and wish to explore each and every one of them. However, we are now appreciating these images and videos of them.

    1. Stone of Davasko in Argentina


    This enormous boulder has fallen victim to gravity. The stone, which weighs more than 300 tons, was perched on the ledge of a large rock for a long time before it began to tilt. The villagers tested it and found that when a glass bottle was placed at the bottom, it cracked. The Davasko stone collapsed on February 29, 1912. The locals were in for a major shock. 95 years later, they returned it with a plastic replica. It is fastened to the rock and just 9 tons in weight.

    Have you ever been somewhere where gravity doesn’t apply? Or perhaps you’ve seen some other incredible phenomena. Inform us about it!

    2. Hoover Dam in Nevada, US

    your guide to the hoover dam
    Hooover Dam on the Colorado River straddling Nevada and Arizona at dawn.

    You may conduct a straightforward experiment when you ascend to this dam, which is 726.4 feet tall. Make an effort to pour some water from a bottle. The liquid will fly up instead of flowing down as normal! Similar results are obtained when throwing a light object from the same height; because to the strong wind, it will float.

    3. Reverse waterfall in England

    Reverse waterfall

    This waterfall, which is close to Hayfield, has water that flows straight up into the sky, giving it the appearance of a fountain. The wind there is so powerful that the water that flows down is caught by it and forced back up, which is how the reverse waterfall got its name. The waterfall typically rises 78 feet. Where does this wind originate from that is so strong?

    4.  House of mysteries in Oregon, US


    The mysterious Oregon Vortex lies next to a secluded cottage constructed in a dense forest. The region is referred to as “Forbidden Ground” by the native peoples as a dangerous location. It is thought that there is some form of spherical force field present here, with one half located above ground and the other below. It alters how individuals experience reality. It’s nearly hard to merely stroll about here; you can’t help but want to cling to the retaining walls to keep from tumbling into the water.

    There is a non-falling broom here as well. No matter where you put it inside the cabin, it will stay upright. Balls roll up on a totally smooth surface in this enigmatic region. There is no subterfuge at play here; in fact, travelers have measured the tilt and angle using specialized equipment.

     5. The road at the foot of Mount Aragats in Armenia

     The road at the foot of Mount Aragats in Armenia

    A mind-blowing peak may be found on the border between Turkey and Armenia. The astonishing anti-gravity phenomenon draws thousands of tourists to this peak each year. The automobile will automatically ascend the slope if you turn off the motor at the base of the mountain. There is a river nearby that also climbs a hill. Going uphill is easier here than going downward, according to several visitors.

    6. Devils Tower, Wyoming, US

    2020DevilsTower 1024x683

    Devils Tower is a structure in the Black Hills’ Bear Lodge Ranger District. The mound’s immaculate shape and size make it the most important sight in Wyoming. Climbers like it as well. Climbers who have climbed Mt. Everest, however, are unable to reach the summit of Devil’s Tower. It’s only 1,267 feet tall, but because of its high cliffs, it’s impossible to reach the ultimate top and far more difficult to return down.

    7. The mysterious road in South Korea

    Jeju Island road

    Empty bottles and cans left on this Jeju Island road frequently slide upward – visitors have tried it several times. Innovative officials immediately turned this location into a tourist destination, and a marker nearby illustrates where the gravitational anomaly begins.

    8. The golden boulder in Myanmar

    Golden Rock 1
    Golden Rock

    The gold-covered rock appears to be about to collapse at any moment. However, in actuality, it has been there for 2,500 years! Together with the pagoda that is perched atop it, the boulder is 49 feet tall. The boulder is reportedly supported by Buddha’s hair that is contained within it. Even nature hasn’t thrown the boulder down yet, despite the fact that it is not fixed and anybody may move it. The boulder can allegedly only be moved by women. Women aren’t permitted to touch the stone as a result of this.

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