Struggling to navigate the Nigerian passport renewal process in Atlanta? We’ve been there. This guide breaks it down into simple steps to get you a new passport stress-free.

    Nigerian Passport in Atlanta

    here’s how to Renew Nigerian Passport in Atlanta

    Step 1: Online Application Essentials

    Ready Your Payment: Ensure you have a credit card or a USPS money order prepared for the fee.

    E Passport Portal: Head to the Nigeria Immigration Service e Passport portal. Choose ‘Standard E-PASSPORT’ and set ‘UNITED STATES’ with ‘Atlanta, GA’ as your application center.

    Completion and Submission: Sign up or log in, fill in the online form diligently, and print out two copies. Submit your application and keep your reference ID handy.

    Payment Confirmation: Pick your payment method and complete the steps. Look out for an email confirmation within the next 48 hours.

    Interview Date Confirmation: Your payment receipt will detail your interview date. Make sure to attend the consulate with all required documents on the specified date, in the morning hours.

    Step 2: Payment Details

    Passport Renewal Fees:

    • 32-Page Passport (5-Year Validity): $106
    • 64-Page Passport (5-Year Validity): $137
    • 64-Page Passport (10-Year Validity): $137

    Step 3: Appointment Scheduling

    Post-payment, set up your interview at the Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta. Use the consulate’s official system for booking your slot.

    Step 4: Interview Day Checklist

    Required Documents:

    • Payment Slip: Show your passport fee payment slip.
    • Application Acknowledgment: Bring the acknowledgment slip of your application.
    • Filled Application Form: Carry a signed and dated printout of your application.
    • Passport Photograph: Provide a recent passport-sized photo.
    • Expired Passport: Hand in your old Nigerian passport. If not available, a lost passport procedure will be initiated. Also, bring a photocopy of the data page.

    Biometric Procedure: Be ready for biometric data recording at the Consulate, a vital step for your e passport creation.

    NIN Requirement: A National Identification Number (NIN) is now mandatory for the application. Register for a NIN if you haven’t already.

    FAQs for Passport Renewal in Atlanta

    Q: Can I renew my Nigerian passport in the USA? A: Yes, Nigerian passport renewal is possible within the USA through the appropriate Nigerian Consulate or Embassy.

    Q: What is the process for Nigerian passport renewal in Atlanta? The process includes an online application, fee payment, interview scheduling, and attending the interview with all necessary documents.

    Q: How quickly can I renew my passport in Atlanta? A: Expedited services are not usually available, so it’s recommended to start the renewal process well before your passport expires.