Nyesom wike Vows to crack down on Kidnappings in Abuja The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, initiated a series of visits to area councils in the territory to build confidence, responding to the persistent incidents of kidnapping and violence by bandits. The minister, starting with Bwari town, engaged in a town hall meeting with residents, traditional leaders, security personnel, and other stakeholders to address the issue. Wike emphasized that security agencies would intensify efforts to make it challenging for bandits, declaring that enough was enough.

    Nyesom Wike
    Ezenwo Nyesom Wike

    He also stressed that those collaborating with the bandits as informants would face consequences and not find refuge among law-abiding residents. Wike stated that security is a top priority for the administration, as evident from a recent high-level security meeting summoned by the President in response to the escalating attacks, particularly in the Bwari area.

    “So, currently, addressing security concerns is a primary focus of Mr. President’s Renewed Hope Agenda. Business as usual is no longer acceptable. My presence here today emphasizes our commitment. To all those involved in banditry, we declare that enough is enough. We will employ all available resources to prevent a recurrence.

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    “Protecting lives and property is paramount, as without it, effective governance is impossible. My visit today is a demonstration of our sincerity. Just this morning, Mr. President has granted approval for the provision of all necessary resources to the security agencies. As emphasized by Etsu-Bwari and Sarkin-Bwari, our commitment goes beyond mere words; we are resolute.

    “Security agencies will be adequately equipped; we will supply everything needed. I am aware of the significant size of Bwari, with boundaries touching three states – Niger, Kaduna, and Nasarawa. Having been displaced from the Northeast, these bandits are moving in this direction, and we are determined to make it difficult for them.”

    Wike also called upon the public, urging them to assist by providing information to the security agencies.

    “Information is crucial, and without it, we cannot take effective action. This is where you all come in. Traditional and community leaders, your role is significant. Support security agencies by sharing information.

    “In the coming days, you will witness increased efforts from the security agencies. There might be informants, even present in this meeting hall. I don’t care who you are. I am the minister of FCT, and you won’t have peace anymore if you are an informant.

    “This message is not exclusive to Bwari but extends to all the area councils. We will regularly engage with you. We won’t confine ourselves to the city,” Wike emphasized.

    He cautioned against resorting to crowdfunding for ransom, stating that such actions aid terrorists in launching more attacks.

    Terrorists on bike motorcycle
    Terrorists on bike motorcycle

    “We must abandon the practice of going on the radio to announce fundraising for ransom. When this happens, it emboldens the bandits, knowing that people are concerned and raising money. I understand your worry for your loved ones in the hands of kidnappers, but we must discourage such practices,” Wike added.

    In his earlier comments, John Gabaya, the chairman of Bwari Area Council, recounted a series of violent incidents leading up to the previous Christmas. Kidnappers targeted the peaceful agrarian community of Tokulo, causing severe injuries to several residents and abducting some villagers. Subsequently, another attack occurred in the border community of Kuduru, resulting in two fatalities and additional abductions.

    Before the end of December 2023, Zuma village, a suburb of Bwari town, also fell victim to kidnappers who killed two individuals and abducted others. Unfortunately, within the first days of the new year, Dutse-Sagwari, a community along the Dutse-Bwari expressway, faced a kidnapping attack, leading to the abduction of several people. Shortly afterward, Padan-Gwari Village experienced a similar assault, resulting in the abduction of some villagers. Most recently, Kawu Village became the target of another aggressive kidnapping attack, leading to injuries and the abduction of several individuals.

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