On Saturday, the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI)issued a warning to Nigeria and the ECOMOG authorities urging them not to use force to overthrow the junta in the Niger Republic.

    JNI Secretary General Prof. Khalid Aliyu issued the warning in a statement in Kaduna.According to Aliyu, the JNI, speaking on behalf of the Muslim community as a whole, voiced its great concern over the coup that removed President Mohamed Bozoum of the democratically elected Niger Republic from office.We clearly recognize the importance of sustaining democratic values and the rule of law in promoting national stability, growth, and steady progress.

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    Without a doubt, these are the pillars of good governance since they assure compliance with international human rights, norms, and standards and prevent the arbitrary use of force and power, according to Aliyu.

    The JNI applauded the Nigerian government’s efforts made thus far, particularly the beginning of a dialogue process aimed at ending the crisis in the Niger Republic.

    “While this effort might not have produced the expected outcomes, it shows Nigeria’s dedication to peaceful solutions.

    We recognize that in the Sahel Region, which is rife with political and security challenges, discussion is a crucial tool for averting additional carnage and instability.

    However, he added, “We would like to issue a word of warning against resorting to military force as a means to restore democracy.

    The intertwined geography of the northern states of Nigeria and the Niger Republic, in Aliyu’s opinion, calls for a more circumspect and deliberate course of action.

    In light of the fact that numerous states in Nigeria border the Niger Republic, he noted, military involvement can have unforeseen repercussions that could affect the peace and stability of both countries.

    Aliyu urged all interested parties to focus on finding a diplomatic and political solution to the crisis in the Niger Republic.

    In order to build long-term peace and stability in the region, he stated, “We strongly believe that dialogue, cooperation, and negotiation are the most effective means.”

    He added that it was equally crucial for the international community, especially ECOWAS, to keep holding diplomatic negotiations with the junta that were peaceful and focused on finding a solution.

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