INEC has withdrawn its challenge against the Kano Governorship Election Tribunal’s judgment..

    INEC has chosen to withdraw its appeal in response to the judgment rendered by the Kano Governorship Election Petition Tribunal. In a formal communication dated October 6, penned by Suleiman Alkali, the head of the commission’s legal department in Kano, INEC clarified that it is rescinding its appeal on the grounds that there is no substantive reason to challenge the given judgment.


    The letter articulates the position of the Commission, affirming, “I have been instructed by the Commission headquarters that INEC, functioning as an impartial entity, lacks any justifiable cause to contest the outcome of any judgment.” Subsequently, the missive conveys the directive from the National Commission overseeing Legal Services and the National Commissioner in charge of the Kano zone, stipulating the withdrawal of the appeal and the transmission of all pertinent documents and processes related to appeals to the Kano Office.

    This decisive move by INEC reflects a resolute acknowledgment of the judgment and a commitment to abide by the legal processes without pursuing unnecessary appeals. It underscores the Commission’s dedication to upholding fairness and impartiality in the electoral process, aligning with its role as a neutral umpire. The redirection of all appeal-related processes to the Kano Office further emphasizes the localized handling of this matter, ensuring adherence to procedural protocols.

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