Galey Alix, the American Wall Street executive, interior designer, television personality, and content creator, is recognized for her notable contributions to the home renovation and interior design industry through her business, Galey Alix Design. Renowned for her home remodeling television show, “Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix,” fans often inquire about her age.

    Galey Alix

    Fascinatingly, Alix consistently dons a hat in every episode of her show and across her social media, regardless of the outfit or occasion. In response to numerous inquiries about this distinctive choice, she addressed it in a podcast. Alix explained that her intention is to shift the focus from her face and looks to the incredible work she does. For those curious about her, Galey Alix’s bio offers a comprehensive look into all the intriguing details you might want to know about her.

    Profile summary

    Full nameGaley Alix Gravenstein
    Gender Female
    Date of birth 11 November 1993
    Age30 years old (as of 2023)
    Zodiac sign Scorpio
    Place of birth Gainesville, Florida, United States
    Current residence Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
    Religion Christianity
    Galey Alix’s height in feet 5’4”
    Height in centimetres 163
    Weight in pounds 110
    Weight in kilograms 50
    Hair colour Blonde
    Eye colour Blue
    MotherGaley Hoover Gravenstein
    Father Nikolaus D Gravenstein
    Relationship statusDating
    Boyfriend Dale Moss
    Profession Interior designer, Wall Street executive, content creator, TV personality
    Net worth $2.5 million
    Instagram @galeyalix
    TikTok @galeyalix
    Profile summary

    What is Galey Alix’s age?

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    As of 2023, Galey Alix, the interior designer, is 30 years old, having been born on November 11, 1993. She belongs to the zodiac sign Scorpio and hails from Gainesville, Florida, where she was both born and raised. Galey Alix’s parents are Galey Hoover and Nikolaus D Gravenstein. Her father, Nikolaus, specializes in anesthesiology as a medical doctor. Within her family, Alix has three siblings: Michael, Karling, and Nikolaus Lee, each of whom has pursued a career in the healthcare field, following in their father’s footsteps.


    In her professional career, she serves as a Wall Street executive, currently holding the position of Vice President and Regional Director at Goldman Sachs. According to her LinkedIn profile, Galey Alix commenced her journey with the company in 2012. Her expertise lies in investments and asset management, with a specific focus on mutual funds, portfolio construction, private equity, credit, and more.

    During weekends, this adept home renovation expert manages her private business, Galey Alix Design. In this unique venture, homeowners entrust her with both their credit cards and homes for an entire weekend of renovations. Notably, these homeowners provide no specific instructions regarding their preferences. Upon their return, they are greeted with the revelation of a completely transformed and surprising total remodel.

    Establishing this side business in January 2020, Galey Alix, the content creator, embarked on a unique venture. Notably, she captures her remodeling endeavors on film and shares these videos across various social media platforms. Many of these remodeling videos have achieved viral status, garnering widespread attention and recognition for her work. In 2023, her exceptional talent led to HGTV offering her a remodeling TV show titled “Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix.”

    What is Galey Alix’s net worth?

    Reportedly, Galey Alix boasts a net worth of approximately $2.5 million in 2023. Her primary source of income stems from her role as a regional director at Goldman Sachs. Beyond her finance career, she generates revenue through her social media content and her ventures in interior design and home renovation. Furthermore, her income is significantly bolstered by the success of her new home renovation and design TV show.

    Is Galey Alix in a relationship?

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    As of 2023, Galey Alix remains unmarried. Nevertheless, she is romantically involved with Dale Moss, a former American football player and reality TV personality. The couple publicly disclosed their relationship in June 2022.

    In an interview with People, Alix disclosed that she took the initiative in her relationship with Moss. Having admired his perspectives on various issues through his podcast, she reached out to him on Instagram. Notably, Galey Alix’s boyfriend, Dale Moss, gained recognition for his appearance on season 16 of The Bachelorette.

    Prior to her current relationship, the home renovation expert shared with People magazine that she had been previously engaged. Unfortunately, during that time, she was also grappling with an eating disorder. When she opened up about her struggles to her then-fiancé, the engagement came to an end, leading her to relocate to Florida. Fortunately, things took a positive turn, and she ultimately found herself in a healthy and supportive relationship with Dale Moss.

    What happened with Galey Alix?

    Presently, Alix has discovered love anew, and in this relationship, she opted for full transparency from the outset. She recounted openly during their dinner, detailing the challenges of a past difficult breakup, the departure of her fiancé, and her struggle with an eating disorder. Instead of distancing himself, her new partner responded with understanding and empathy.

    Why does Galey Alix always wear a hat?

    Choosing to wear a hat serves as a deliberate choice to shift the emphasis away from my appearance. It enables me to channel that energy entirely into the project and the home I’m currently working on. My intention is for those observing me on social media or the show to concentrate on the creative process, the families’ reactions, and the incredible efforts of my team.

    Where does Galey Alix work?

    Galey Alix’s primary occupation is as an executive at Goldman Sachs, and her professional base is situated in Florida, as reported by Forbes.

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